Friday, April 22, 2011


April 16, 2011
Lyngso is so good to us here at Haven. They donated and delivered two yards of compost for the raised beds.

I've got my work cut out for me.
These beds have not had anything added to them in a good few years. So before we start planting in them this year I wanted to get some fresh compost added to the soil.

Eric a local high school student offered to help me for an hour after his meeting with Shelter Network's Volunteer coordinator. Thank you Eric you saved me an hour of work.

Each bed got four wheelbarrows full of compost.

This photo reminds me of the movie Holes

The strawberry bed also received a top
dressing of compost.

I planted three cucumber in each of these two beds.

The sugar snap peas are doing well and the lettuce is
just about ready to pick.

Planted three tomatoes and a cucumber in this bed.

This bed also got three tomatoes and two cucumbers.
You can never have too many cucumbers.
After 7 and half hours in the garden it's looking really nice.

Next big projects... compost bins and weed control.

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