Friday, April 22, 2011


April 16, 2011
Lyngso is so good to us here at Haven. They donated and delivered two yards of compost for the raised beds.

I've got my work cut out for me.
These beds have not had anything added to them in a good few years. So before we start planting in them this year I wanted to get some fresh compost added to the soil.

Eric a local high school student offered to help me for an hour after his meeting with Shelter Network's Volunteer coordinator. Thank you Eric you saved me an hour of work.

Each bed got four wheelbarrows full of compost.

This photo reminds me of the movie Holes

The strawberry bed also received a top
dressing of compost.

I planted three cucumber in each of these two beds.

The sugar snap peas are doing well and the lettuce is
just about ready to pick.

Planted three tomatoes and a cucumber in this bed.

This bed also got three tomatoes and two cucumbers.
You can never have too many cucumbers.
After 7 and half hours in the garden it's looking really nice.

Next big projects... compost bins and weed control.

Volunteers Part 2

Notre Dame High School
On April 2, 2011 two groups of Notre Dame High School students came out to the Haven garden to pick up some community service hours, The first group of young ladies worked from 9 to 11 pulling weeds from the orchard and one of the raised beds.

Pulling weeds around the plum trees

Nice job Ladies

Group 2 took over from 1 to 3. They pulled weeds out of the wood chips.

In the picnic area and... one of the beds.

I hope to see you all in the garden again.

April 9th  Albert and a few of his friends stopped in for a few hours

That's one way to do it!

Cleaning out the rose beds and adding in some new mulch. 

Nice job guys. Thank you! See you again soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Volunteers Part 1

Congregation Kol Emeth
February 13, 2011

Rabbi Laurie Matzkin the Director of Lifelong Learning for Congregation Kol Emeth in Palo Alto came out to Haven Family House with a group of teens for their all-teen service learning day on Sunday February 13th.

They bought and planted some very lovely flower
 in the front garden. They look so beautiful
when you drive up to the site.

Once they were done planting the flowers the hard work
begun. Pulling weeds where a new pathway to the south
garden vegetable tables will be put in.

Great work team!

Thank you Rabbi Laurie and Team!
I really enjoyed working with you.

Stanford GSB
March 5 2011 

We had 15 students from the Stanford GSB help me in the garden for Volunteer Service Day

They cleaned out some old wood fiber mulch so we could add in some wood chips donated by Lyngso.

Cutting back  the weeds the garden was another big chore.

Pulling weeds so we could put n some weed cloth
and wood chips

YES! Power Tools!

Wood chip going in.

More weeding!

While the Stanford GSB were working hard in the garden a
few "local" residents helped me weed the raised beds...

...and plant some lettuce

Path to the south garden

More wood chips.

Making room.
Looks like fun!


Thank you Stanford GSB and Lyngso