Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Garden

We had our first 2011 Haven Garden Committee meeting yesterday at Haven Family House with Shelter Network staff members and two new volunteers . Some of the topics were.....

  • I was able to secure a $500.00 donation from a very big name corporation for the garden. I will blog more about that at a later time.
  • We are looking for vegetable plant donations for Spring, Summer and Fall plantings. If you are starting seeds for your 2011 garden consider planting a few extra for the Haven Garden or when you buy your starts consider buying one extra and donate it to the Haven Garden. If you are interested in donating plants any time this year please contact me at
  • I'm so happy to have two new volunteers joining me in the garden on a more regular basics. Janice and Sam will be a big part of the garden this year.  They both found us on line and wanted to give back to the community. They are both looking forward to getting their hands dirty in the garden. Thank you Ladies I look forward to working with you this year.
  • Both and E-Trade are looking to volunteer in the garden in Feb. I worked with a team from last year and I look forward to working with them again this year.
Some of the projects we have so far are...
  • Garden clean up
  • Trimming the oak tree
  • Building Compost bins
  • Adding wood chips around the "new" beds
  • Transporting harvest to other Shelter Network sites
  • Flower Garden
  • And a really big event we are planning for later this summer... so stay tuned!
Get involved this year and come join us in the
Haven Garden

If you live outside the area and what to help please consider a donation. Any size big or small will help.


  1. We really appreciate our wonderful volunteers. This garden has always had such a great vision and it has come to life even more so in the last year. I am looking forward to see what happens this year :) I hope others will become part of this project and not only help us feed the homeless families but educate them on healthy eating habits on a budget. Thanks again! ~Tanja~ Shelter Network

  2. I lost my allotment plot last year in a fire, so i know if i lived near I would have happily beeen one of your volunteers too.

    Lookign forward to seeing how the garden evolves. Kindest of wishes.

  3. Thank you Tanja. I am also looking forward to this growing season. It's going to be fun!

    Mangocheeks - Thanks so much for stopping by. We would love to have you.. but it is long drive from across the pond ;-) Sorry to hear about your plot. Best of luck with your 2011 growing season!

  4. Liisa, we can't thank you and all the wonderful volunteers enough for your hard work and time invested in this project. You have been the motivating force to ensure that the garden is not just surviving, but thriving. I am so excited for what is to come! My hope is that others realize what a significant impact it can have on our families and the community as a whole. Hopefully we can draw in more support to keep the garden flourishing throughout the year...


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